Mountain Bike Adventure Bracelet


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    Mountain Bike Adventure bracelet.. rugged and fashionable bracelet, goes wherever your adventures take you!  

    • Create a fashion statement hiking the trails, paddling the rivers, a night on the town, or just a day at the office!
    • durable parachute style cord with wrap side accents.  
    • Side release durable acrylic  clasp, easy on and off
    • Brushed Stainless steel UP cutout charm with deep etched bike image
    • Non tarnish stainless steel
    • Wear biking, or just as a fashion statement
    • Washable, durable military grade cord.  
    • More bracelet colors available.  Message us
    • Size- choose 1” larger than your wrist measurement. Example  6” wrist choose size 7.  
    • Handcrafted in Upper Michigan
    • Standard sizes or message us for a custom size.  We can customize a size just for you.  
    • how to measure- take a string and wrap around wrist mark end and lay string on ruler.  
    • Bracelet sizing will be actually 1/4” larger to accommodate for thickness of cord and comfortable wear.  ie: size 7 will be actual 7 1/4”.
    • Bike Charm is deep engraved and enameled black into the deep grooves, over heavy wear  the black enamel color in the etching will fade. Can be easily re-blackened with a black enamel paint pen or even in a pinch, a sharpie. Color in, let dry, and wipe of excess on surface with rubbing alcohol.    
    • Washable - hand wash with laundry soap, rinse, pressed between towel squeeze out extra water, lay flat to dry.  do NOT bleach.      

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