Jerry Harju, Author: Northern Tales No. 5

ISBN: 978-0-9709971-1-1

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The fifth book in Jerry Harju's hilarious "Northern" series revisits the primitive Upper Michigan of his youth, giving the reader a uniquely humorous flavor of the 1940's to mid '50's era when life was full of risks. Jerry's introduction to public speaking got off to a shaky start with a Sunday school Christmas recitation that quickly went wrong. At age ten he skirted perilously close to a life of larceny. And did you know that building a World War II model airplane could be hazardous to your health? "Northern Tales No 5" describes the dangers of being a safety cadet and the intense anxiety of getting through his high-school senior year. Trying to find the ideal "refined" woman at the University of Michigan presented many problems.
Finally, a tribute to Jerry's father and mother: two brilliant people with little formal education who had an extraordinary influence on his life.
Enjoy the book.

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