Anatomy ‘59 Video documentary of the Making of the movie


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“Anatomy ‘59” is a behind-the-scenes documentary by Independent film-maker John Pepin which explores the events leading up to and including the making of Otto Preminger’s classic 1959 courtroom thriller “Anatomy of a Murder.”

Preminger’s focus on realism to create what many consider to be the greatest courtroom drama ever made is showcased in this documentary through rare film clips, photographs, documents and interviews with cast members, locals and others with ties to the production of the motion picture.

Premingers’ film was shot entirely on location in Marquette County in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula over a period of eight weeks.

Anatomy of a Murder was based on a no.1 bestselling book written by local attorney John Voelker who used the pen name Robert Traver. Traver’s ground-breaking narrative was developed from a true-life 1952 murder trial. During those proceedings Voelker defended an Army lieutenant accused of first degree murder.