Decal - Keweenaw - Houghton Hancock Bridge - By Artist Elizabeth Yelland


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"Houghton Hancock Bridge" officially known as the Portage Lake Lift Bridge.  By artist Elizabeth Yelland.  She has taken her beloved original art, and created these amazing bumper stickers.  You can enjoy a little piece of her amazing artwork and uplifting message!  Collect them all!

  • Original hand painting art by Elizabeth "Liz" Yelland 
  • High quality UV protected bumper sticker/decal  
  • Long lasting in the elements 
  • Oval Shape 6" by 4"
  • Many designs available

The Houghton Hancock Bridge, officially known as the Portage Lake Lift Bridge, is the only bridge of its type in Michigan. When completed, it was the heaviest vertical lift span ever constructed. The unique bridge was designed as a double-deck bridge. The lower deck was designed for railroad traffic, and the upper deck was for highway traffic. However, to minimize the disruption of vehicular traffic on the bridge, the lower railroad deck of the lift span was designed to also accommodate vehicular traffic.  courtesy of Historic

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