Essential Oil Chakra Bracelet w/charm


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    • Essential Oil Diffuser / Chakra Bracelet gemstone / With Accent Charm
    • Wisdom - Crown (Clear Quartz)
    • Awareness - Third Eye (Amethyst)
    • Truth - Throat (Lapis Lazuli)
    • Love - Heart (Malachite)
    • Confidence - Solar Plex (Citrine)
    • Power - Sacral (Carnelian)  
    • Stability - Root (Obsidian)
    • Protection - Stainless Steel-made of iron adds a shield of protection
    • Lava stones are used to diffuse your favorite essential oils and also balances the root chakra and adds stability. 
    • Just a drop of essential oil on the black lava beads carries your favorite scent with you through your day.
    • Made with strong elastic for years of easy wear.
    • Beads may vary slightly from photograph, as they are all natural stones. 
    • Message any special requests and options upon checkout
    • Accent beads are solid Stainless steel, non-Tarnish, non-allergy, everyday wear. Choose with Stainless Steel bead accents or all gemstone beads.
    • Bracelet will be size 7 inches and with stainless accents unless a different option is specified upon check out.  We can customize, message options upon check out.    
    • Each bracelet is hand crafted in Michigan, gift boxed, and includes a booklet explaining your Chakras and the stones.
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