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About the Author:

Weather has been Karl Bohnak's passion since his youth. To this day, extreme and severe weather events captivate and fascinate him.

Karl's passion led him from a communications degree in broadcasting to the equivalent of a Bachelor's degree in meteorology at the University of Wisconsin. He worked at radio stations in New Hampshire and Wisconsin and later as a reporter and meteorologist at WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee. In 1988, he accepted a weather anchor position at WLUC-TV6 in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, one of the snowiest regions in the United States.

Karl's love for the weather of the U.P. has become a strong influence for this region's weather enthusiasts.

The award-winning, So Cold a Sky is based on his research and experience while observing and forecasting the ever-changing weather in Upper Michigan. The book contains stories of the hardships and triumphs of the earliest settlers as they attempted to carve out an existence in the rugged Lake Superior wilderness, as well as modern storms and events as told by the people who lived through them.

Michigan's Upper Peninsula Almanac, co-authored with Traverse City radio host Ron Jolly, is the encyclopedia of Upper Michigan. It covers the people, places, wildlife and outstanding events that make this beautiful peninsula one of the most unique locations in the entire country.


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