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Paula Marietti Diedrich - Educator, Mom, Volunteer


What Yooper doesn't provide a warm welcome and offer to help others? Paula says.  Paula was born and raised in Upper Michigan and is a graduate of Northern Michigan University. 

"She is as strong as they come but has a heart of gold", says Nadine who is honored and humbled to be among her many friends.    

It's that "Yooper Spirit" that guides her daily in the classroom, even after 24 years of teaching.  Paula is an English/Elementary teacher in Marquette, MI.  Paula is a wife, mom, and very active in her community. Besides the classroom, you can see Paula spreading her "Yooper Spirit" at many local events including the Noque Ski race and  the 4th July Food Fest. Among her many hours of community service, she holds a special place for the Bay Cliff Health Camp for children with special needs, and the Willow Farm Therapeudic Riding club.    

Paula was raised with an Uncle with Downs Syndrome, and also is the mom of a special needs daughter.  She has learned to "Never Underestimate Anyone's Potential" and carries these personal lessons into her classroom through her teachings, her friendships, and the many programs she volunteers for. 

Paula enjoys writing and has a blog called "Hat of Many Colors" you can follow Paula's Blog here

Thank you Paula for INSPIRING us, and all those around you!  You are the true meaning of the "Yooper Spirit".      

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