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Brenda Laurin - Rescue Foster Mom

Brenda shares with us, in her words, her journey as a Rescue  Foster Mom.  We are truly Touched and Inspired by her story!   "Photos speak a 1,000 words" and these images definitely speak for themselves...

I started fostering for Paws to the North Dog Rescue out of Norway, Michigan, UPAWS and the Women’s Center in July of 2017. I guess you could say I made the decision once my kids were out of high school and we were facing the “empty nest” stage, but it has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
"Every dog has a story and I usually want to know the details of their story before I get them, which is not always easy to hear". Some of the dogs that come from Paws to the North come from nothing and have literally been pushed out of a moving car to be left on their own, some are dumped in random areas or on the side of the road, some are rescued from high kill shelters and some are surrendered. Most of these dogs from Missouri or Texas. Whatever the story is, they are on their way to a better life once they have been rescued by the wonderful people involved with this rescue organization.
"To see the dogs light up around people again is the best feeling in the world". These dogs learn to trust again after the people that were supposed to care for them let them down. They truly seem thankful and grateful to be rescued. Some dogs are extremely shy and timid so the trust process can take a while; some other dogs bounce into the house like they own the place and lick your face. I’m just a very small part of the fostering/rescue scene.
There are so many people that work together to make this system work. This starts with the people who actually rescue the dogs out of a horrible situation, or find them abandoned, or save them from the kill shelters. Then, the process of getting them the proper veterinary care and transporting them to an organization gets started. The drivers commit to the long drives to get the dogs to their final destinations and it usually happens in stages with foster families along the way to help. My role is simply to take the dogs into my home for their final destination and love them up until they are adopted. There are many moving parts to a rescue organization and many people who donate their time and money to make this happen.
My role with UPAWS is a little bit different. I usually get the pups who don’t do well in the shelter or who are waiting to get spay or neutered and/or need some people/dog socializing before adoption. Recently, I have had 4-5 puppies at a time which can be a lot of work, but also so much fun. There is never any trouble socializing puppies with people. Everyone loves puppies. UPAWS is a great organization and their new facility is amazing.
The Women’s Center is yet a different type of fostering. The name of their program is Sasawin Safe Haven. Because pets cannot stay with the women at the shelter, I take their dogs until they can be reunited. Again, my role is to love them and care for them until their owners can take them back. It is all very confidential and I don’t know the owners, I just help care for their dogs.
To be noted, there is also a need for fosters for cats as well through UPAWS and the Women’s Center.
"Every dog that comes into our home takes a piece of my heart with them". My husband always tells me this is my gig, but I can see his love for them too. I wouldn’t be able to do this without his support. Not many spouses get the call or text saying “I’m picking up five puppies today” without a blink of an eye. I also have many friends and family members who help me with these dogs. It definitely takes a village! 
We Thank you Brenda Laurin (and hubby too) for opening your heart and your home to these helpless animals.  They are forever grateful to you!  You are truly INSPIRING!
To Learn more about Volunteering, Donating, or becoming a Foster Parent
please contact Paws to the North Dog Rescue via facebook (click here) or your local shelter. 
More images below of Brenda's foster Pups...    



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